Digital gardens don't need attention to thrive

Created: Dec 15, 2022 | Start quality | Mid importance

I think that everyone who publishes on the internet wants attention, but not too much attention. I've heard it said that Twitter gives everyone a chance to be the "main character" for the day, though as I've written it's not always a good thing when you are picked. I've also heard that Elon Musk's recent acquisition of Twitter was his attempt to make himself the main character every day, but that's not particularly relevant to the current discussion.

While I feel somewhat distrustful of people who say things like "I'm only writing this for myself", or "This whole website is just for me", I appreciate the sentiment and it's definitely something I aspire to. I'd like to exist independently of any need for feedback or approval, though that's not really how the world works. Maybe once I get comments working and can respond to feedback it will be more true that this garden exists for engagement and discussion, and not just to blast my ideas out into the world.


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