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This past week, I revived an old website idea, the "endless yard sale". It was fun to program, my first time working with Next.js.

Currently, I'm still living in San Francisco, in the same apartment I've lived in since we moved there in December 2012. What can I say, it's cozy, rent-controlled and in an awesome neighborhood (near Zeitgeist). I also have the same job at YouTube that I've had all that time.

I've been teaching a free Python class (github) at Noisebridge on Monday nights. It's difficult and interesting to give the lectures, which I've been writing myself from scratch. There's a good number of people (5-8) that are coming on a regular basis so that's encouraging.

I'm playing D&D again, as of August 2023! I've got a fun group of 5 players and one DM who have varying levels of experience and a lot of enthusiasm. I'm playing a Bard, my favorite class.

I've been playing Balatro, and I still don't know how people score 5 billion points or whatever. I've also been going to Alamo Drafthouse a lot with my wife, who has a "season pass" type thing where we both get free tickets once a day (doesn't help with food costs though!). I started a Letterboxd account but I've been bad about adding reviews (go figure).

What is a 'now' page?

A now page is like an about page, but with the scope of "right now" instead of a long view. The easiest way to think about it is: what would you tell a friend that you haven't seen in a while about what you're up to?

Where can I find a list of people with websites that feature a 'now' page?

Just go to You can add your site to that directory should you choose to add a /now page to your site.


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